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ftrack’s new integration with Cinema 4D

We’re proud to announce that ftrack has released an integration with MAXON Cinema 4D, providing 3D artists with powerful production tracking functinoality for creative projects.

The new integration enables MAXON Cinema 4D users to access projects, publish and import files, and manage activities via an ftrack panel implemented into the Cinema 4D user interface. ftrack’s toolset works seamlessly with Cinema 4D’s solutions, enabling improved and streamlined collaboration across 3D projects.

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Creative collaboration made easy

ftrack is a unique cloud-based platform that’s simple and accessible for users at every stage in the creative process. It lets users set up projects, allocate tasks, track their work in progress, review videos, make notes together and much more – all in a simple, collaborative workspace.

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Customer success stories


Luma Pictures – Keeping pace at breakneck speed – Game cinematic

February 27, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 17.00.50

The Fridge – Starting small, aiming big – Film

January 12, 2017


Blue Zoo – Digby Dragon – Animation

September 27, 2016

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Creative collaboration easy and stress free

ftrack makes creative collaboration easy and stress free. Find out what it’s all about. Watch the video to see how it can help you.

What our customers are saying


Tom Box, Owner – Blue Zoo
“ftrack’s ability to add bespoke attributes allowed us to implement this dual rendering workflow into our pipeline and get the project rendered without a mess of data.”


Julio Obelleiro, Co-Founder and Managing Partner – Wildbytes
“ftrack’s focus on the visual side of things was key for us. Its toolset also helped significantly in streamlining the production timeline and the review process.”

Team collaboration


All your important data in one place, always accessible. Set up your workflows, keep track of progress, deadlines, costs and artists. Review and approve your work with ftrack’s integrated review system.


Access ftrack for all your important information such as tasks to complete, progress, feedback on submissions, status updates, client approvals and much more. ftrack integrates with many popular applications.


Log in to a dashboard created by production just for you to get the high level overview. Then drill down to quickly pass out feedback and notes as well as review and approve work without ever leaving the system.


Integrate ftrack into your existing production pipeline with our easy to use Python API. Use our renowned support to get help with your integration and best practices when building your pipeline.


Commercials/Post VFX

Make ftrack the backbone of your Commercials production. Set up your workflows, keep track of progress, deadlines, costs and artists.


Integrate ftrack’s powerful system into your TV/Film VFX productions and use it as a key component to manage the studio workflow and pipeline.

Game development

ftrack allows your company to be more efficient whilst keeping track of any type of project and digital asset in your game development production.


Use ftrack’s Software as a Service (SaaS) project tool to streamline the workflow of your 2D / 3D process and keep your people connected.